The BAPES Professional Support and Development Network aims to provide opportunities for consultants and senior trainees to develop new skills in minimal access surgery.


The PSDN network facilitates interaction with experts in specific paediatric MIS fields/procedures and may involve:

  • Opportunity to discuss technical aspects of unfamiliar procedures

  • Opportunity to visit a relevant centre/expert

  • Opportunity for the applicant to invite the expert to their centre to provide hands-on support

  • Opportunity for a short fellowship (availability and duration will depend on mutual discussion between the expert and the surgeon seeking support)


  • Experts are members of BAPES and working in the UK

  • There is no financial commitment from BAPES for any expenses incurred by the parties involved

  • Appropriate Trust regulations and indemnity guidelines must be met. BAPES will not be involved with these arrangements. Once the link has been established, the practical arrangements are determined entirely by the two parties involved

Application procedure

Please complete online application form below. BAPES will review it and forward it to the appropriate BAPES expert. After approval by the expert, their contact details will be forwarded to the applicant so the applicant can then contact the expert.


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